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Lamont Academy

Early Learning and Development

                 Provider# 2113571305-2

Upcoming Events

In School Events for Parents
  • Back to School Night (Sept.)
  • Design with Dad (Nov.)
  • Parent Game Night (Jan.)
  • Moments with Mom (March)
  • Picnic with Parents (May)

In School Events for Students

  •  Quiver Farms (Nov.)
  • Science with Young Carver (Feb. preschool only)
  • Just Paint like a Kid (May)
  • Visit a Kindergarten class (graduates only)

School Trips

  • Linvilla Orchard (Oct.)
  • Please Touch Museum (Dec.)
  • NJ Aquarium or Legoland (Feb.)
  • Philadelphia Zoo or Art Splash (April)
  • Sesame Place (June)

School Fundraisers

  • Family & Friends Sponsorship (Oct.)
  • Movie Night (Nov.)
  • Bake Sale (Dec)
  • Skating (Jan.)
Events and event dates are subject to change